Game Projects

HEXILYTE (PS4 Prototype)

A 3D chess-like game with different factions and abilities where players have to defeat the opponent’s King Piece. A 2 month final year project by a team of 6.
I made all of the assets for the GUI and the 'RESONANCE' faction.

Realm Of Rave (Andriod Phone Game)

A 2D rhythm-based sci-fi roguelike where players have move with the beat to get to the exit. A 4 month android game project at 'Kajaani University of Applied Sciences', Finland.
A team of 4 (mix of full-time degree and exchange students) with me (the only artist) making all of the art assets.


A 3D Oculus Rift game where players have to destroy as many objects as possible by ‘kissing’. Made for INDIE SPEED RUN 2013, a 48 hrs gamejam. One of the finalist.

Broadcast Battle (PC)

A 2D multiplayer snake-like game made for GetOnline 2013 Game Development Kompo, a 48 hours gamejam. It won 1st place in the game jam. A team made up of 2 programmers and 2 artists.

Rhythimo (PC)

A 2D side-scrolling platformer game made with Gamemaker. A 3 weeks student project made up of only artists. I designed the enemy concept and assets, platforms and other in-game assets. I did some basic AI programming for the enemies, mainly the boss.